Monday, February 19, 2007

Pinky Roses - S3IS Canon

Look there are 'pinky roses' ...
I pick when I ve nice trip on my village ;)

I ve sentences from 'Little Green Fingers' on the Squeak book with 'My Roses' tittle.
There ...
When you see the word "roses," give the rose a squeeze.
Roses are red; roses are pink.
They are the prettiest flowers, I think.

Roses smell lovelly; roses smell sweet.
Even the butterflies think the're a treat.

So, I love roses a lot ;;) :*


Mix Green and another - S3IS Canon

Do not smoking here!!! - S3IS Canon

Violet - S3IS Canon

There are green and yellow ones - S3IS Canon

Small Green - S3IS Canon

Butterfly Roses - S3IS Canon

All of my picture taken with canon S3IS now.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

DB Bandung Cooking Class

What do you see?
There are 'Dapur Bunda Bandung' in actions.
We ve cooking class with chocolate cake themes.

Triple Choco Caramel Cake

Cappuccino Layer Cake

Sacher Torte